About us

“Ruha” is the pioneer of artwork design and development industry in India. First of its kind to set its foot in the unknown world of artwork design and development. Ruha means ‘soul’, and literally we put our soul, in each and every artwork which we design. Our aim is to create the most unique and eye-catching designs which will keep everyone looking at them mesmerised. Art plays a major role in human lives and we want to touch these lives by touching the heart of artwork design industry.

Our Mission

“To be India’s leading artwork design & development company”


To create eye – catching designs in artwork

To bringing these designs alive by developing them in metallic, wood and acrylic.

To reshape the online market space for artwork in India.

Our target is to meet the requirements of the Indian market, to have creative artworks designed and developed into products which are delivered at a very competitive price. Ruha has built a reputation and position within its market for being one of the countries leading suppliers of metallic and nonmetallic artwork designs. Ruha stepped out in the market with metal bookmarks. We have created some unique designs which will not only attract a deep reader but the casual ones as well. Through out the years, needs have changed and so has the taste of the people. To cater to this taste, we have designs which will give joy to a kid and will put a smile on the face of the aged. We love to go in our ancestral days and find items to reshape and design to fit the modern world.

Big, beautiful and elegant just like the artworks you used to get in the old days but with a modern and practical twist, that’s what we are renowned for here at Ruha. All of our artwork designs are unique and inspired from real as well as fictitious life examples. These designs are precisely cut in high quality metal, wood and acrylic material on a fully automated laser machine and then finished into end product by using skilled craftsmanship. There’s something here for everybody from everywhere. We design everything architecture, interiors, products, gifts, websites, bookmarks and graphical designs. Currently, our product line comprises of metal bookmarks, coasters, book shelf partitions, office stationery, designer cutlery etc. In fact anywhere where you want to make a statement, you can have a look at our collection. We are ideally situated to access the artwork markets in India. We are always coming up with new ideas so keep checking us out. You will never know what you may find. If you can’t find a design you like here you can even create your very own artwork, which will be unique to your own heart which can be wrapped and delivered at your doortstep. Each of our clients works directly with us, this reflects our conviction that great design cannot happen without passion, intelligence and personal commitment, which is demonstrated by a portfolio of our work that has been established in the market.